As a temporary worker at at-once, you can count on support before, during and after your period of employment. We want to ensure both you and the company get the best experience from the work.


We will ensure that you work in a company that matches your needs and your skills.


You are guaranteed a salary that complies with Danish collective bargaining agreements during your employment. You will receive your wages, pension, sick pay, holiday pay, etc. through us.

You can contact us if you have any questions or problems related to your work. We take responsibility for all of our temporary workers in our HR department.

If you have just arrived in Denmark and need help in communicating with the state, such as SKAT (Danish tax authorities), the municipality, etc. We will be happy to give you advice.


When your temporary position with the company comes to an end, we ensure that this is conducted in a responsible manner. We evaluate your progress, and you are again put into our file as a jobseeker if you wish.